Honkai: Star Rail 2.1: Top Characters in Pure Fiction Mode

The latest update of **_Honkai: Star Rail_** introduces version 2.1, featuring new content and challenges in the pure fiction mode. The update includes the addition of Penacony characters and two event banners, offering players the opportunity to recruit Acheron. A detailed chart shared by


In the latest update of the fan-created Honkai: Star Rail chart, characters have been ranked based on their performance in the pure fiction mode. The recent version 2.1 update aimed to address various issues and introduce new adversaries to enhance the gameplay experience. Players have noted that the latest iteration of the mode poses a greater challenge compared to its previous state.

As Honkai: Star Rail progresses into version 2.1, it brings forth a plethora of new content, including the introduction of Penacony characters. Within the space RPG developed by Hoyoverse, players can now access two event banners where they can utilize special rail passes obtained through stellar jades to recruit Acheron into their teams. Additionally, the game hosts a series of engaging events that offer generous rewards such as stellar jades and ascension materials.

A detailed Honkai: Star Rail chart, shared by Reddit user Lvlurarti, has unveiled the top-performing characters in version 2.1 of the pure fiction mode. Characters like Argenti, Acheron, Black Swan, and Kafka have demonstrated superior performance as damage dealers within the game. Noteworthy characters such as Himeko, Herta, Jingliu, and Seele have also secured positions among the highest-scoring pure fiction characters in the game.Ruan Mei, Acheron, Sparkle, Black Swan, Kafka, Fu Xuan, Pela, Herta, and Close are the most popular characters in the Honkai: Star Rail chart.

Ruan Mei holds the top position with an impressive 77.34% appearance rate in the pure fiction mode, making her the most favored choice among players. Acheron follows closely, securing the second spot with a remarkable 67.90% rate. The new addition to the Nihility team, Acheron, has quickly gained popularity among pure fiction teams.

The pure fiction mode has sparked discussions among players regarding its challenging difficulty. Many players have expressed the need for balance changes, as the mode heavily favors top damage dealers such as Himeko, Jingliu, and Kafka. The bosses in this mode are notably more resilient, posing a significant challenge for players who opt for characters outside the conventional damage dealer category. Despite the calls for adjustments, some believe that the mode's difficulty should remain a test of players' skills, advocating against making it easier.

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