Day 2 Guide: Maximize Bunny's Comfort in Genshin's Feline Event

The Feline Fortress Furrdyssey event in Genshin Impact introduces a home setup challenge for the bunny on day 2. Players must carefully choose the right furnishings, interact with the bunny to raise its friendship level, and earn rewards. Ideal furnishings include a small cat chair, a tabl

To create a welcoming home for bunny during day 2 of the Feline Fortress Furrdyssey event in Genshin Impact, players need to carefully choose the right furnishings, interact with bunny to raise its friendship level, and earn valuable rewards for completing the challenge.

Setting up Bunny's Fluffy Feline Home:- Players must consider comfort, durability, and aesthetics when setting up the home for bunny.- Ideal furnishings include a small cat chair, a table with a vase, a red stool, and a wide bookshelf.- These furnishings create a space that bunny will find inviting and comfortable.

Raising Bunny's Friendship:- Interact with bunny by petting its ears, nose, chest, and back to raise its friendship level.- Avoid touching its paws and tail initially, as bunny dislikes it.- Continued petting in the right spots will increase bunny's friendship level.

Stage Rewards:- Completing bunny's hopping home challenge and reaching the "cherished" friendship level with bunny will reward players with: - Primogems x40 - Mora x20,000 - Guide to Resistance x3- These rewards provide valuable resources to aid players in their adventures across the world of Teyvat.To participate in the Feline Fortress Furrdyssey event, follow these steps:- Set up a cozy feline home by considering comfort, durability, and aesthetics of the furnishings to maximize the cat's satisfaction.- Choose furnishings that meet the requirements for Bunny's Hopping Home to ensure a welcoming environment.- Place food in the cat bowl, such as raw meat, fowl, or fish, to entice Bunny to approach once the home is decorated.- Interact with Bunny by petting them in the right spots to increase their friendship level. Avoid petting Bunny's paws and tail initially, and focus on their ears, nose, chest, and back.- Reach the "cherished" friendship level with Bunny to claim valuable rewards, including primogems, mora, and guide to resistance books.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

Genesis Crystals serve as the premium currency within the world of Genesis Impact , instrumental for acquiring characters, weapons, and a myriad of valuable resources that elevate the gameplay experience. Players intent on enhancing their journey can obtain Genesis Crystals through dedicated engagement with in-game events, progression milestones, and as part of periodic rewards. For those looking for a more immediate acquisition, Genesis Crystals can be topped up via game trading platforms, where players exchange real currency for this valuable digital asset, ensuring a swift and direct route to accessing exclusive in-game content.

Top Up Genesis Crystals on LootBar

Players looking to enhance their 'Genshin Impact' experience with a top up Genesis Crystal might find lootbar 's game trading platform an excellent option. Topping up through LootBar is not only officially sanctioned by miHoYo, ensuring a secure transaction, but also provides exceptional value for money. When you choose to top up on LootBar, you are rewarded with double the amount of Genesis Crystals for your purchase, meaning that a top up of 6480 Genesis Crystals astonishingly yields an additional 6480 crystals at no extra cost.

Furthermore, LootBar offers genshin top up prices that are highly competitive. For instance, you can opt for an incredible deal of 6480 Genesis Crystals*4 for a mere $295, which translates to a near $100 saving when compared to standard rates. This crystal top up genshin offer is not only economical but also convenient, allowing players to complete the transaction in one simple payment operation. Therefore, when considering a Genshin Impact top up , LootBar stands out as a platform that provides affordability, convenience, and a generous bonus on your Genesis Crystals purchase.

How to top up Genshin Impact on LootBar

To successfully top up Genshin Impact's Genesis Crystals on the LootBar trading platform, begin by navigating to the official LootBar website at . Upon arrival, select your preferred language and currency type from the options provided. It is important to log in to your LootBar account to proceed with the transaction. Once logged in, look for the top up column on the website's interface; here, you will select the game you wish to top up, which in this case is 'top up > Genshin Impact'. '

After selecting Genshin Impact, the next step is to decide the quantity of Genesis Crystals you want to purchase. Various packages will be available, so choose the one that best suits your needs and click 'Buy Now'. Following this, you will be prompted to select the correct server associated with your Genshin Impact account and enter your unique Genshin Impact UID (User Identification Data). This is crucial for ensuring that the Genesis Crystals are credited to the correct account. '

Lastly, finalize the process by clicking the top up button. You will be presented with a variety of payment methods. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and proceed to pay for the Genesis Crystals. Once the payment is confirmed, the Genesis Crystals will be added to your Genshin Impact account, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with your newly acquired premium in-game currency.


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